Pumpkin Patch Is Back

August 28, 2013

IMG_1392The Prize Winning Pumpkins were successful in sowing their seeds last fall – this guy showed up around the front steps this year.



Look How My Garlic Grew

July 28, 2013

imageUnusual formation.


July 8, 2013


Some awesome self seeded arugula. Tender and delish.

The Tinest Strawberries

June 18, 2013



June 1, 2013


Beautiful perennial poppies from a gardening job in Cornwall!

Holy Hail!

May 22, 2013

935463_10100338123010967_1534440347_nSomething crazy happened that made me really happy I’ve been slacking and haven’t planted a thing in my garden yet this year. HAIL! Everything was pretty much flattened up on our property. Luckily the planters still had their spring pansies in them (on their way out anyway) and my dad had all his veggie babies undercover. Phew! Could have been much worse. In the long run the moister will be a good thing.

What Remains

May 18, 2013

imageThis time last year I was getting seeds into the ground by now! Looks like I’m a little behind schedule…. As I slowly (ever so slowly) clean out my garden beds for spring planting I’m finding things from last year’s growings, which although virtually inedible at this point, still delight me. Spongy carrots. Arugula: Wintered under a window laid horizontally over the crop on blocks last fall. image

Now flowering. Surprisingly not that bitter.


Parsnips! A funky surprise for me, although too fibrous to eat after living through the winter. I would if I was starving though! And I’m sure there must be something to do with the greens… Please comment if you know of anything!


April 24, 2013

ImageYep, it’s that time of year again. Blooms are beginning to blossom all around us. Snapped this photo of an impressive specimen on a bike ride yesterday evening.

On The Road Again

April 18, 2013

photo(9)Drove back home to the east coast from Colorado last week. Here’s the veggie garden of this great family I stayed with in Ohio. You can see their garlic coming up already!

My Favorite CSA

March 5, 2013

If I have any Brooklyn readers left, it’s that time of year again, to sign up for the Southside CSA. Get some!