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Wedding Flowers

April 26, 2010

TUCSON, Arizona: The narrative of my mini vacation to the southwest continues with a photo recap of the gorgeous arrangements, created by Sprout. Yes, they travel.

The cedar walk in closet made an excellent holding pen for the table arrangements.

Images of the luxurious grounds at the Arizona Inn to follow shortly. The gardens were truly amazing and inspiring, so stay tuned.


Over the River and Through the Woods

December 28, 2009

MUSIC MOUNTAIN ROAD, Falls Village: Home for the holidays raiding my dad’s archives of Mother Earth News. Get ready for some major linkage updates, like this one:! Getting stoked on growing onions and garlic and crunching around in the snowy woods with my dog. Day dreaming about the country life, as always. Only now I’m up here breathing the fresh air, so it’s all a little more real.

Everyone deserves a little country time.

There are still giant vegetables of the squash variety adorning random outdoor corners of the homestead, and surprising me. I love the things that are still green through the snow even though the season is over around these parts.

The mentality is different here from a city garden. Things are left standing to be blanketed by snow as supposed to desperately scrambling to harvest every last leaf before the first flake falls, like I tried really hard to do this year in Brooklyn.

Lastly, even though unrelated to gardening, I wanted to give my mom huge props for totally out doing it this year on her annual “gingerbread” house. She has long evolved away from the use of actually gingerbread for more creative edible mediums, but this is really something!

Photo courtesy of Gail Allyn: a reproduction of a traditional Thai home, created with the help of the exchange student from Thailand who is staying with my parents this school year. Holy moly, way to go mom. I am very impressed.

Take a Plant – Leave a Plant

October 29, 2009

PASADENA, California: I love this concept, does that make me a hippie?

Closed Minded About Clothes Lines?

October 11, 2009

I had no idea this was happening – we hang our laundry out to dry and so do our neighbors…

New York Times Article

The Animals

September 11, 2009

GOSHEN, cont… Here is just a handful of some of the crazy critters on display at the fair grounds…

IMG_1359IMG_1363IMG_1370IMG_1371IMG_1377IMG_1386IMG_1387IMG_1393IMG_1367IMG_1395 holy cow!

The South Will Rise Again

June 24, 2009


DECATUR, Georgia: An old pal of mine, who is currently living outside Atlanta Georgia, sent along these pics of his gorgeous green beans. I would love to see what everyone else has growing! Email me!
Obviously, the south is a little ahead of us up here in Brooklyn. We will be expecting our first bean harvest next month. 


























Also, my buddy felt the need to show up my pathetic planter grown hydrangea (see first post ever “HYDRA, YO”) check out his:


4763_127023911616_532126616_2837708_973161_nIf I only had a front yard…