About the Editor

radish headOriginated in Brooklyn, New York, (now relocated to greener pastures in North Idaho) I GREW THIS is a humble attempt to chronicle all things grown (especially in the plant kingdom) including but not limited to: vegetables, fruits, flowers, ideas, creations, solutions, recipes, creatures, constructions and contraptions. I would like to see what everyone else is doing with their plots of land, urban and rural alike, to make this ground a more perfect place to wander and wonder. Show me your yards, your trees, your amazing house plants: igrewthis@gmail.com. I would like to build a network of people interested in growing the right kind of green stuff, and inspire everyone else to get in on it too.


3 Responses to “About the Editor”

  1. lea blüm Says:

    Hey! So I researched that worm like track on your kale leaves and that is exactly what it is, a worm! What you can do is remove the leaves that have the markings and sprinkle nematodes or release ladybugs at dusk which will eat any insects (might not get the worm though.) Can you picture a battle between a worm and a ladybug? If it’s on your kale it will inevitably kill it. Good luck my little green thumb!

  2. Jen Jensen Says:

    Nice Blog! You had a really cool garden in Brooklyn. I hope you will enjoy gardening in some north Idaho ground. I’m looking forward to seeing your garden in Sandpoint.

  3. Maura Says:

    Hi Heather! It’s cool to see a fellow artist/scad alum turn to farming. I’ve been working on organic farms for the last two years now and I was beginning to feel crazy for my obsession! I went from a 2 acre farm in Philly to a 100 acre farm in Austin. I Love that you too have a thing for growing things, cool blog, keep it up!

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