Growing Indoors

Winter can be tough for us dirt lovers. Up in the mountains, I’ve been growing garlic greens again. (Thought I had a post about my windowsill technique from a few years ago, but I can’t seem find it in the archives.) When you are using garlic in cooking, chop off the root ends of the cloves and let them dry out a bit, a few days is good enough. Then simply pot up the nubs in dirt, like you would any seed, about a 1/2″ deep more or less. In a couple weeks you will have greens that you can chop up and cook with or use raw on salads and the like. Amazing! And free.

Here are a few other winter/indoor gardening ideas I’ve come across:

Growing Onions Veritcally by Auntie Dogma’s Garden Spot (a blog I will be thoroughly checking out this winter!)

Grow A Pinapple by Rick’s Woodshop Creations (I’ve always wanted to try this!)

Grow An Avacado Tree by The Hungry Mouse (This I have done before, they are very leggy, awkard plants that wont produce for a very very long time – if ever.)


While unpacking from my recent move to Colorado I rediscovered a gift I receievd during my Brooklyn days from my good friend Lea Blum: Don’t Throw It Grow It! A fun resource for experimental indoor growing that’s inspiring me to ramp up my windowsill production this season.

Another thing I have been interested in is mushrooms, despite the shagrin of my roommates, I would like to grow a few varieties this winter. Mountain Roots, a local food and gardening project here in Crested Butte, is selling sustainable gifts this year whch include a mushroom garden kit.

“When you choose to give a sustainable gift, you become part of the movement – you spread the word, you share your values, and you inspire someone to grow… best of all, your purchases support our work to develop a sustainable future for earth, food, and community.”

I will definately be supporting their cause!


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