First Frost, Second Frost

The second deep deep frost of the season came yesterday. It reminded me I never did a first frost post! It was October 13th, and boy was it mean. A 20 something whammy that just knocked everything flat… especially my just-about-to-bloom dahlias, despite the careful wrapping of blankets i tried to protect them with. They were burnt toast, and I was bummed. But I’ll save the tubers and try again next year. I was prepared as I could be and took the time to pick the vines clean, so to speak. Here’s my basil harvest before the first frost hit:
In the garden I still have kale, kohlrabi, carrots, parsley, turnips, and arugula. One tomatillo plant is puttering along indoors.


One Response to “First Frost, Second Frost”

  1. DAHLIA! | I GREW THIS Says:

    […] As with everything this year, I planted these very late – if it wasn’t for the frost holding off so long into this season they’d be toast by now. (Like what happened last year.) […]

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