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November 21, 2012

I’ll be cooking these babies up for thanksgiving. Along with some sweet potato pie!


Garlic & Other Bulbs

November 14, 2012

This past weekend was very nice and warm for the month of November. I planted a little bit of garlic. Also sunk in some daffs and tulips around the front of the house. When planting garlic, it’s better to buy from a seed catalog or grower then to mess around with store bought garlic. The results from grocery store cloves will be measly at best because they weren’t meant for planting. The photo above might be confusing, you don’t plant the entire bulb, you separate out the cloves individually while being careful to leave the skin intact. I took a workshop in garlic growing a while back, and it’s a good idea to cover the planted area with hay. Since I didn’t have any hay off hand I used some crusty hosta remnants. Anything to insulate a bit helps, you could even use dry leaves.
And make sure you mark them well so you don’t forget they are there in the spring!

First Frost, Second Frost

November 7, 2012

The second deep deep frost of the season came yesterday. It reminded me I never did a first frost post! It was October 13th, and boy was it mean. A 20 something whammy that just knocked everything flat… especially my just-about-to-bloom dahlias, despite the careful wrapping of blankets i tried to protect them with. They were burnt toast, and I was bummed. But I’ll save the tubers and try again next year. I was prepared as I could be and took the time to pick the vines clean, so to speak. Here’s my basil harvest before the first frost hit:
In the garden I still have kale, kohlrabi, carrots, parsley, turnips, and arugula. One tomatillo plant is puttering along indoors.