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June 24, 2012

The moment that happens one spring day, when you can make an entire dinner from the garden (minus rice, olive oil, salt and pepper…) with a little help from the neighbor’s chickens, is just so golden. It makes me feel real darn good about all that digging I’ve been doing. Here’s spinach, radish tops, mustard greens, kale, some lettuce for a side salad of course. And the garlic scapes are beautiful.
In case you didn’t know, you can use them like onion… chop it up and saute in olive oil. yum!

Quick and easy, and so so fresh…. dinner is served!


I’m Thinning

June 18, 2012




Never Stop Growing!

June 14, 2012

The Iris I’ve Seen

June 9, 2012

FALLS VILLAGE, Connecticut: I took these photos around my yard on May 28th. I cannot tell you how lucky I am to be living on this amazing piece of land.

I like these peachy ones so much, I’ll admit they may look a little odd from far off (maybe gone by?) but upon closer examination they are truly exquisite. What unique and surprising coloring! And there’s my dog!

Classic. So grateful for all this beauty! More back tracking to earlier in the 2012 season coming soon!

Whut Up, Bill?

June 8, 2012

$970 billion!

It’s overwhelming. What can we do to make this better? Can’t we all just grow our own? Would it be possible to decentralize farming? Not realistic.



Lettuce, Make Salad

June 6, 2012

Image First lettuce harvest! Planted these seeds in the greenhouse (at work) in the last few days of February before I took off for Colorado. The babies were thinned to six packs, and eventually planted in containers. Now I’ll have salad for weeks… and hopefully with successive plantings, through the whole summer! Or at least till it starts to bolt once the hot hot heat hits… Image