Baby Bella Pasta (with fresh garlic!)

As promised, here’s my portabella pasta, very simple, and very yum. Remember the fresh, fresh young garlic pictured in my Home Sweet Home post? That’s what I’m using here but it could just be regular old cloves too. You will need:

Pasta (any kind!)
Baby Bellas
Salt & Pepper
Fresh Parm (optional)

Boil the water for the pasta, and depending on varietal, time cooking so it’s about done with the sauce which may take approx. 12 min? In a deep fry pan drizzle olive oil and heat on medium. Chop the white ends off the garlic into chunks. Finely chop the green tops and save for later.

In a sauce pan start the simple white sauce. This will lube things up. Melt 2 tablespoons butter over low heat. Once melted, stir in two tablespoons flour. Add salt and pepper to taste (if your not sure go real easy, you can always add more after the fact.) All mixed?? Add one cup cold milk and stir constantly cooking slowly and lowly until smooth and thickish.

If you are good at multitasking, you can start this simultaneously….Once that fry pan from before has heated all it’s olive oil, throw in whites of garlic and keep half an eyeball that way to toss as needed so as not to burn. Meanwhile shop the babies into whatever bite sized pieces are comfortable to you. same with spinach, or leave whole as desired. Toss it in the fry pan and stir occasionally. Salt and pepper, daahhlings.

I bet your pasta is done by now. Drain it. Throw everything in there and sprinkle with that Parmesan if so desired. Take those garlic greens and throw ’em in the mix raw. Toss it all around. Serve it up.


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One Response to “Baby Bella Pasta (with fresh garlic!)”

  1. Paula Says:

    This looks great. I plan on giving it a try.

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