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April 4, 2012

GREENPOINT, BROOKLYN! I know I posted about this already, but I’m just so very excited and wish I could be there. Tonight, April 4th, 7pm, 218 India, Hayseeds’s Big City Farm Supply Grand Opening Party! Bring Your Own Drinking Jar or you’ll miss out on all of the delicious beverages from Breuckelen Distilling, The Drink, Brouwerij Lane, and Red Jacket Orchards. Hope you’ll put a few down for me!


A Few Spots Left

April 4, 2012

HEY BROOKLYN! There are a few memberships left for sale at the wonderful Southside CSA. I would recommend it to everyone.  Remember my first taste of the CSA scene, documented right here: CSA all the way? I was hooked! If you’re not quite sure what you’ll do with it all, check out my farewell to Brooklyn feature GRILL CITY. It may seem like a big upfront investment, but if you do the math I think you will see how worth it is. And it’s fun too!

Winter Creations

April 3, 2012

COLORADO: Here’s a picture from my new office. Best seat in the house. I love snow. I just discovered this artist who does too it seems, Sonja Hinrichsen. I really appreciate her approach and it turns out she’s interested in “living off the land” too… Yes, you can eat them: I like it.