Spoiling Myself With Seeds

FALLS VILLAGE, Connecticut: Drooling over plant catalogs for the last three months has come to an end (actually I’ll probably still keep looking…) with the click of a button, my seed order for the spring is complete. It’s sort of like planning out grocery shopping for the entire summer, except the “grocery store” is my yard. And $38.25 (just add toil, sunshine, water and dirt) will provide me with pounds and pounds and pounds of food. And since I choose to go with the heirloom variety of crops, I will also be provided with seeds for next year’s pounds and pounds and pounds of food too. And the year after that, for as long as I care to collect them. It’s pretty amazing.

Here is some excellent advice on seeds I just stumbled upon from an old school mate of mine, Maura Grace:


I recently learned she is also agriculturally/botanically inclined and it’s nice to know I’m in good company. Save those seeds, and save them well.


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