Cabin Dreams

It’s a dreary dark and rainy January afternoon. No snow to play in, no sun shining, and maybe totally depressing if it weren’t for a nice warm fire, my beloved french press, and a little day dreaming. I’ve been imagining a tiny self sufficient cabin from salvaged materials up in the woods for a long time now, and what fortunate timing to have stumbled upon this little gem to give me a lil sumpin’ sumpin’ to feast my eyes upon. Porn, indeed…. It was hard for me to stop looking last night all cozied up next to the wood stove. I started taking notes. And getting really excited! With all the excellent links, I spiraled deep down the rabbit hole of back country, ski access, and otherwise only hike-able retreats. Holy moly! I have plans to document my dad’s sap house once I retrieve my camera from Brooklyn and submit the images to this new found favorite “Cabin Porn”. Until then doodles will have to suffice. The above sketch is a day dream from a while ago, when I was in Idaho actually, of what I might do to the little house I am currently living in, if I ever had money to make improvements. Notice the greenhouse on the right? It’s almost time to start planting seeds for spring!!


One Response to “Cabin Dreams”

  1. lea blüm Says:

    you keep up that day dreaming gal!

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