Dumps Like A Truck

FALLS VILLAGE, Connecticut: I woke a few weeks ago to the first snow fall of the 11/12 winter season. Little did I know this was just the beginning. A freak storm dumped 2 – 3′ on us up here in the NW corner! Power was out for over 300,000 people in CT alone, some for longer than 10 days. I escaped to the city for heat and water, but received this epic photo from the roommate…
When I returned home, I attempted to ride the white stuff – but it was just too darn heavy. Not sure I will be able to get used to this east coast sludge after a glorious winter of champagne powder out west. Up to me knees felt good either way though. I love snow.


One Response to “Dumps Like A Truck”

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    […] weather has been wacky. We haven’t had a good dumping of snow on the east coast since that freak storm in OCTOBER, and temperatures have been high enough to go outside without a jacket. Although the forecast looks […]

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