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Purple Fall

October 27, 2011

FALLS VILLAGE, Connecticut: In New England we are used to the reds oranges and yellows of the fall, but an unexpected hue caught my eye this year. Here is a catalog of some late blooming purples around my neck of the woods…


Salvia? (I can’t remember now…)


Monks Hood


Aster (growing wild roadside!)

Aster (domesticated, in my garden!)

Ornamental Basil

Fuscia (actually a house plant round these parts, or zone 10.)


Late Bloomers

October 12, 2011

NORTHWEST CORNER, Connecticut: As the blooming season is winding down for the year in New England, here’s a salute to some classic fall flowers before they fade away till next year. These images are from several of the gardens I tend these days… keep these plants in mind if you want to plan something pretty for next autumn.

Rudbeckia, comes in many varietals, including the well known Black Eyed Susan.

Hydrangea flowers will dry out and keep for winter arrangements, depending on water conditions.

Remember Hydra?? (my first post ever.) Well, she is doing grand with a crazy mix of pinks and blues, as you can see. These “Forever” hydrangeas are great because they bloom in both the spring and fall. Five years strong!

Echinacea, dependin’ on location, location, location (soil, sun, water, drainage, etc…) you may or may not have any flowers left this time of year.

Anenomes, one of my favorite as a cut flower to arrange in bouquets.

SUNFLOWERS! Planted late, and on their last legs.

Marigolds, come in all shapes in sizes. Although they might aesthetically have a bad reputation to some, they are helpful in deterring pests and can be great fall color in reds, oranges, yellows, and even white (my fave this year.)

More to come soon!