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What do baby carrots look like?

July 20, 2011

Have you ever wondered while weeding out lil seedlings what was what? Can you spot the carrot babies in photo above? Here they are!

Did you spot them? A good way to keep track of baby vegetables vs. weeds is to keep them planted pretty straightly in rows. That way anything straying from the line can be plucked out, even if it is a carrot, tomato, lettuce or bean… the others growing will appreciate the breathing space.


Bees Please!

July 14, 2011

Tune in on July 16th for some insight and discussion on bees, a very important part of our world.

Signs of the Season

July 8, 2011

This here is my third or fourth picking from the two peony bushes in the yard. Although peonies are certainly possible in planters, I never had any in the city and since they are one of my favorites these bouquets feel like such a treat. Fresh flowers are just the best, I would recommend them to everyone. Don’t you just want to get lost in those petals?


July 7, 2011

I’m throwing a massive sale to get rid of all my treasures before I hit the road again… 50% off everything with the promo code MOVING on etsy here:

Also having a yard sale next weekend if there are any Sandpoint readers out there. Stay tuned for details or shoot me an email at!

Seattle Cool

July 1, 2011

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WASHINGTON: Sage Hound Dog, with fresh squeezed grapefruit meet Thyme Lemonade with tequila in a frosty  herb salted glass. Very nice to meet you! We indulged in these cocktail delicacies at The Harbour Public House under the biggest umbrella I have ever seen, right on the water. It was glorious. And the best part? The sage and thyme in our drinks was grown in the garden located right on the grounds! The landscape was lush, and I completely understand now why Seattle is called the Emerald City. As I usually am with gardens of all shapes and sizes (especially useful ones) I was impressed and inspired.

This place really was the bees knees! Credit for this last pic here of me feeling up the fennel goes to my generous and clever travel companion Mrs. Lea Ann Willett of leablum – it’s always a pleasure my dear!