Waiting Game

So Sandpoint locals say that once the snow has melted off Baldy, it’ll be safe to plant in town. It snowed over seven inches up there on Thursday! If this is true, I would never have veg this summer! As posted a few weeks ago, I dug a new garden bed in the front yard and planted it full of colder loving seeds like arugula, snow peas, spinach, carrot, etc. A week or two ago I planted boxes with sunflowers, more snow peas, some lettuce and other flowers. Now all I have to do it wait.

It’s been chilly here to be certain, and I have ants in my pants for nice weather. Sandpoint feels too small without the mountain, so I’m packing my bags for a two week road trip across the country to CT to see my family, and then down to NYC to get a healthy helping of some much needed hustle and bustle, and hopefully glorious spring weather. Stopping to see some friends along the way, I am so incredibly pumped to hit the road and blow this popsicle stand, with every intention of returning to dog and garden and summer weather with a lake waiting to be floated upon and swum in.

New York City here I come! I will miss you, Ellie Mae! And when I get back we’ll plant squash, cucumbers, pole beans, and transplant the tomatoes and basil outdoors. Gives me reason to return.


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