Spot the Difference


Ok, besides the obvious differences of cropping, angle, boy washing car, bike against house… The most important thing is in the foreground – I’ve dug up my yard! For vegetables sake!

I’m excited to join the movement away from grass you have to mow towards beds you have to tend, by digging up a strip and turning the soil over to make room for radish, beets, arugula, snow peas, squash, spinach, carrots and of course a sprinkling of zinnias. I’m also trying my luck with poppies this year. Tomatoes, basil and broccoli have been started indoors. It sounds like the last frost here in Northern Idaho could be as late as June 24th, which is still a good way off! (USA Gardener puts Sandpoint at July 8 – August 19 for zero frost, hardly a month! yikes!) But I’m hoping for warm weather earlier and to have some babies up and hardy enough to withstand any minor frosts in the next eight weeks. Worst case scenario, I’ll just plant again!

p.s. lettuces are coming up!


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