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Waiting Game

May 29, 2011

So Sandpoint locals say that once the snow has melted off Baldy, it’ll be safe to plant in town. It snowed over seven inches up there on Thursday! If this is true, I would never have veg this summer! As posted a few weeks ago, I dug a new garden bed in the front yard and planted it full of colder loving seeds like arugula, snow peas, spinach, carrot, etc. A week or two ago I planted boxes with sunflowers, more snow peas, some lettuce and other flowers. Now all I have to do it wait.

It’s been chilly here to be certain, and I have ants in my pants for nice weather. Sandpoint feels too small without the mountain, so I’m packing my bags for a two week road trip across the country to CT to see my family, and then down to NYC to get a healthy helping of some much needed hustle and bustle, and hopefully glorious spring weather. Stopping to see some friends along the way, I am so incredibly pumped to hit the road and blow this popsicle stand, with every intention of returning to dog and garden and summer weather with a lake waiting to be floated upon and swum in.

New York City here I come! I will miss you, Ellie Mae! And when I get back we’ll plant squash, cucumbers, pole beans, and transplant the tomatoes and basil outdoors. Gives me reason to return.


I Like This

May 26, 2011

As posted on the ShopSCAD blog recently:

This artist lives in Iowa, a state I will be driving through very soon on a little road trip back east. And I like the work, that’s all. It gets my gears turning about painting myself. I’ve been working on a few things without much confidence, but this may have been the tickle I needed to get a little more serious. The notion that Tim Wirth can live in the middle of nowhere and work on a farm while simultaneously being a successful artist is curious. Lately I’ve been overly interested in the alternative ways people live their lives, obviously it’s because I think I need to figure out how to live my own. But, maybe I don’t need to figure anything at all.

Bring Spring In

May 18, 2011

SANDPOINT, Idaho: It was chilly in town this morning. And windy. And sort of raining. These tulips cheered me up when I got home from work. I cut them from the yard yesterday, also chilly, windy and spitting. The sun came out a little this afternoon and it was pouring through the window in such a way that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture it and share it on the world wide web. Glorious.

I think I said this last year too, (in a much different place) but no matter where you are – metropolis or country side, dreary weathered, sunny, cloudy, chipper, busy as a beaver, or bored to death – get yourself some tulips tonight (at the very latest tomorrow.) If you are lucky enough to cut them yourself or buying at the corner bodega, here is a tip in case you didn’t know already: pick the blooms that haven’t opened yet. As an example, these guys were closed pretty tight yesterday when they were still attached to the ground. They will open quickly, especially in a sunny window, and last much longer.

Something to keep dibs on.

May 10, 2011


Gift From Mom

May 8, 2011

I know it should be the other way around, being mother’s day and all, but my mom brought me this book GROWING ROOTS when she came out west to visit a few weeks ago. She had gone to see the author and photographer speak and got a signed copy just for me. I’ve really been thinking about putting down some roots of my own someday soon but I’m just not sure if I’m ready to head back to the east coast quite yet. I have so many options and nothing tying me down (except, er… the monies…) Nonetheless, the world is my oyster. What should I do?


May 7, 2011

FALLS VILLAGE, Connecticut: She’s done it again. Mom’s gardens are always delightful. This past fall she planted more bulbs than ever, and the grounds at the Allyn homestead sure are looking good. I love you mom.

Brilliant BBQ Bread

May 6, 2011

SOMEWHERE IN OREGON: How genius is this? I was so very excited to discover this blog through etsy:

Wayward Spark – Barbecued Bread

From a fellow bloggers point of view I am quiet inspired by Camille’s content and presentation and am planing on staying tuned. This is good stuff! Her shop on etsy is also something to aspire to:

And lastly, the lifestyle she lives is truly admirable, and it seems like it’s working. I want it! I need it! I am slowly making my way towards something resembling it. Off the grid? Yes please. What would the U.S. be like if more people lived this way?

Spot the Difference

May 1, 2011


Ok, besides the obvious differences of cropping, angle, boy washing car, bike against house… The most important thing is in the foreground – I’ve dug up my yard! For vegetables sake!

I’m excited to join the movement away from grass you have to mow towards beds you have to tend, by digging up a strip and turning the soil over to make room for radish, beets, arugula, snow peas, squash, spinach, carrots and of course a sprinkling of zinnias. I’m also trying my luck with poppies this year. Tomatoes, basil and broccoli have been started indoors. It sounds like the last frost here in Northern Idaho could be as late as June 24th, which is still a good way off! (USA Gardener puts Sandpoint at July 8 – August 19 for zero frost, hardly a month! yikes!) But I’m hoping for warm weather earlier and to have some babies up and hardy enough to withstand any minor frosts in the next eight weeks. Worst case scenario, I’ll just plant again!

p.s. lettuces are coming up!