Winter’s Cheese

I just added a new website to my links on the right, one that I have been reading for the past year and just remembered to add now, in the dead of winter. When nothing else is going on besides snow, cows are still making milk. More white stuff!

New England Cheesemaking

I have yet to graduate beyond mozzarella, but I have been wondering since I started what the heck to do with all the “waste water” that is a byproduct of the process. Technically known as whey, I would save a container of the stuff after every batch for about a week and then end up dumping it down the drain for lack of inspiration on what the heck to do with it.
Well it all seems so obvious now! Soup stock! And what better time of year for cabbage, mushroom, fusion gumbo, split pea, pozole… and that’s just the beginning. The possibilities are endless now and I am super excited to experiment with this new-found broth. Slurps up!


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