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Winter’s Cheese

February 19, 2011

I just added a new website to my links on the right, one that I have been reading for the past year and just remembered to add now, in the dead of winter. When nothing else is going on besides snow, cows are still making milk. More white stuff!

New England Cheesemaking

I have yet to graduate beyond mozzarella, but I have been wondering since I started what the heck to do with all the “waste water” that is a byproduct of the process. Technically known as whey, I would save a container of the stuff after every batch for about a week and then end up dumping it down the drain for lack of inspiration on what the heck to do with it.
Well it all seems so obvious¬†now! Soup stock! And what better time of year for cabbage, mushroom, fusion gumbo, split pea, pozole… and that’s just the beginning. The possibilities¬†are endless now and I am super excited to experiment with this new-found broth. Slurps up!


Potatoes Keep, Keep Potatoes

February 10, 2011

SANDPOINT, Idaho: We are into the thick of winter at this point, you can tell by the string of links I’ve been resorting to posting. Nothing is growing now and somehow being surrounded by snow banks triggers cravings for cozy comfort food that encourages hibernation. If we all really ate local we’d all be living off all the root crops conducive to storing, and anything we had canned in the fall. I recently whipped up a dinner that satisfied cravings for fatty goodness while honoring the “eat local” mentality. Step one: Pour yourself a beer.


4 large potatoes – shredded skin and all

1 medium sized onion – diced as small as possible

salt and pepper

2 large eggs

3 tables flour

3/4 teas baking powder

apple sauce (I’m assuming canned from the fall)

Heat oven to 300 and put a baking sheet in there to warm up, this will be the holding pen for the cakes as they come off the griddle. Squeeze out as much liquid as humanly possible from the shredded potatoes using a clean dish cloth or napkin. I saved this juice and put it in the freezer with the intent of figuring out how to turn it into alcohol one blustery winter night. We’ll see if that ever happens. In a large bowl mix potato with onion, salt and pepper, eggs, flour, baking soda until all evenly integrated. Meanwhile you could be heating about a 1/4 cup of veggie oil in a big pan over medium-high heat. Make sure it gets hot and then drop in a heaping dollop of the mixture. This step took me a couple of takes to figure out quantity wise.
Watch out for flying grease! It will kill your clothes! Flatten the globs down with a spatula and cook until crispy and browned on the bottom and then flip to fry the other side to a delicious crisp. Throw the finished ones on the sheet in the oven to keep ’em toasty. Serve piping hot with apple sauce. Maybe some sour cream if you happen to have any.
It would be easy to make this recipe vegan by using egg substitute or corn starch with soy milk, It works just as well.

Nature Altered

February 6, 2011

What else to grow in winter, but ideas?