Death of a Fern

OLIVE STREET, Sandpoint: I killed a plant! I haven’t had any causalities of the indoor house dwelling variety in a really long time! I got this little fern at Home Depot when I first moved to Sandpoint. I think it cost about four dollars, and was hanging in there for couple months, but it’s still sad. She lived in my bathroom which seemed like it should have been appropriately moist. I moved her closer the window when she started getting sad, but I guess that’s not what she needed. I’m blaming excessive fertilization prior to the sale. What do you all think? Any fern care suggestions out there?


One Response to “Death of a Fern”

  1. jessica Says:

    ohhhhhhh no!!!! i just killed my string of pearls. it said not to really water it in the summer so i didnt. and well now it is not growing back….

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