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Back East

December 28, 2010

FALLS VILLAGE, Connecticut: Home for the holidays, and considering harvests of the past. Winter is the time of year to think about what has worked, where and when and, maybe more importantly, make a plan for the next season. If you don’t have a green house or cold frame, windowsill herbs and houseplants provide the only smell of soil and have to suffice for any yearnings of dirt digging. It seems like there are enough seed catalogs around this joint to get lost in for months, and I suppose that’s the idea. My landscape has been covered in snow since mid November and I am used to the site of white, at this point green would be a surprise.

It seemed like maybe I brought the pow pow with me, it dumped 10″ of the fresh stuff the day after my plane landed on the east coast. The wind made it impossible to shovel, the snow was so light it would just blow back over any cleared area. Winterscapes abound.


Corn Uses Gas

December 21, 2010

For those of you who didn’t already a know, or a nice refresher course in what it takes to make corn ethanol. (It’s really not that great!)

Poop Makes Light

December 16, 2010

I dream of a urine powered world.


Time For Christmas Cards

December 8, 2010

Fresh out of Idaho:

Death of a Fern

December 4, 2010

OLIVE STREET, Sandpoint: I killed a plant! I haven’t had any causalities of the indoor house dwelling variety in a really long time! I got this little fern at Home Depot when I first moved to Sandpoint. I think it cost about four dollars, and was hanging in there for couple months, but it’s still sad. She lived in my bathroom which seemed like it should have been appropriately moist. I moved her closer the window when she started getting sad, but I guess that’s not what she needed. I’m blaming excessive fertilization prior to the sale. What do you all think? Any fern care suggestions out there?