Building a New Bed

SANDPOINT, Idaho: Still figuring out where to take my gardening explorations now that I’m no longer in the city. Hardly urban anymore, one of the first things I did when I got here was revive an old bed that was no longer flourishing. To do this I purchased a bag of top soil, a bag of potting soil and a bag of steer manure at the local home depot. Also bought sedum, a couple of mums and a few decorative cabbages. All and all it was cheap, the mums were only a dollar and the cabbage about three bucks. The ground was surprisingly super hard. I forgot how much work it was to prep an actual plot of earth, instead of just filling a planter with potting soil. I dug up the first foot and a half or so of the existing ground and turned it all over with a shovel chopping in the store bought bags to make it nice and “fluffy.” Next went in the (cheesy, i know) store bought plants and then I tried my luck with some late planting of hardy seed. Radish, mustard and oriental green mixes, cold loving lettuce, carrot, beets… and I don’t remember what else now (this was in September.)

The seedlings came up, but there is no sign of them now. I am sure they have all died away in the cold although there is a pretty thick layer of leaves covering the entire plot these days so who knows, maybe i will be surprised in the spring. I had every intention of building a small cold frame structure over the area before the first frost, but for whatever reason, my ideas are always bigger than my actualities. It never happened. I got caught up in finding a job here instead of just enjoying my time off and doing some of the things I had been meaning to do. It’s not too late though, I can still get something built over the winter and enjoy the fruits of an early spring planting. You know I’ll keep ya posted.



One Response to “Building a New Bed”

  1. lea blüm Says:

    “….my ideas are always bigger than my actualities.”
    Hah! I think we could both agree on that one!~

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