A Garden Grows in Portland

CHURCH STREET Portland, Oregon: My first trip ever to Portland, Oregon and what an inspiration. My friend Cecily, also a case of west coast relocation from Brooklyn, has really taken advantage of her rented dirt space. The entire front yard was converted into vegetable gardens, which were on the tail end of the season when we visited last month. Never the less, you could really imagine it at its’ peak boasting tons of heirloom tomatoes of several varieties, eggplant, cabbage, squash, cucumbers, peppers, and lettuces.

These suckers were huge! Busting at the seams! And tons more not even ripe yet! There was definitely some major canning to be done!

I never mastered cabbage or eggplant in NYC, as hard as I tried I think I just never had enough earth.

The backyard was gone to the birds, in the best sense. Urban Chickens! The prospect of fresh eggs from my very own flock becomes more and more appealing daily, and here is a perfect example that it is possible. What happy hens these were, pecking in the yard. My dog was very curious.
Also in the back, an impressively gigantic rosemary bush, the remnants of a cucumber vine, more raised beds with tomatoes, and of course… compost.

Thank you, Cecily! For sharing your lovely home and showing us what an awesome place Portland is!


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