Apple Press

SANDPOINT, Idaho: All this magic happened a few weeks ago. There are two apple trees in the cabin’s front yard and there was an apple pressing pot luck up on Baldy Mountain Road. We picked about 20 gallons of apples with some new friends who live down the street and brought them up to the presses in the back of the truck. Step by step photographic documentation of the process by Theron Humphrey.

(well I took the first three…)

So you get the idea, put the apples in one end and squeeze until all the juice has come out. We got a gallon and half of liquid from two five gallon buckets of apples. This was the freshest cider I had ever tasted, but it spoils pretty quickly since there are no preservatives. I froze what we didn’t drink with in a week and plan to experiment with some fermentation this winter when the days are too short for anything else!


One Response to “Apple Press”

  1. jessica Says:

    oh my gosh i want some apple juice!!!! that looks delicious. how fun!

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