Dumb for Plums

CHURCH STREET Sandpoint, Idaho: Four ripening plum trees awaited me in Sandpoint. I was overwhelmed at first by the quantity of fruit dropping and how fast I needed to collect it before it started to rot on the ground. I did an initial rake to get all the bad ones out of the way and wrap my head around exactly what I was going to do with all these PLUMS. For about a week I was harvesting 4 – 6 lbs a day, pitting and freezing them as soon as I could. I found through trial and error that the plums bruised when collected in bags, so I used egg cartons (left over from a large batch of pickled eggs.) To freeze, I halved and pitted and then laid the pieces out on a baking sheet – this way you don’t end up with one giant plum ice cube and the fruit will be more manageable once you want to do something with it all.

What did I do with it all? A bowl full of plums a day! After a few days in to it I discovered the yellow plums to be easier to pit and less fragile than the purples. I gave up on the purples all together by the end of the week because they were turning so fast.

My first plum processing endeavor was a plum desert bread – the same as banana bread but with plums, it was good but took a really long time to cook all the way through. I wasn’t sure if this was just because it was a new stove for me to get used to and at a new altitude, or if it had to do with the plums having different congealing properties than bananas.

Next was a deep dish plum pie. This used a lot of plums and was really really deliciuos for breakfast lunch and dinner for about a week. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream for best results. My two new roommates were very jealous, but I did not share.

At this point I am pretty sick of plums but managed to muster enough energy to successfully put up some plum preserves. Plum jam to be exact, images and how to coming soon…


One Response to “Dumb for Plums”

  1. Lea Ann Willett Says:

    beautiful pie and those plums look scrumptious! You sure are keeping busy out in Sandypoint!

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