METROPOLITAN AVE, Brooklyn: This is a special post for my CSA – explaining some options for the veg we got last week. With summer almost over, it’s time to get in that one last BBQ. Here are some alternatives for you city dwellers who don’t necessarily have the outdoor space for an entire grill. A fire escape could be outfitted with a hibachi or you can always get a grill pan just to achieve those nice ashy black lines. You can find a teeny tiny one of either for as little at $15.

hibachi on amazon

grill pan on amazon

The point of this post is grilling, and I am aiming to prove how just about everything from your farm share can be an awesome contribution to any bbq or picnic. Grilling is easy. All you need is fire, olive oil, salt and pepper. Here’s a look at the bounty from last Monday:

Veggie & fruit…

This one apple in the pack was crazy! It looked like it had another apple’s face on it! 

Oh! And a pumpkin!

There was so much potential, and so little time. I was leaving for an epic road trip on Thursday, so with the approval of my boss we threw a bon voyage bbq at my work to test the grill theory on the CSA.

Originally we had planned to make a delicious fruit salad chopping up all the apples and pears with pecans and goat cheese, however our plans were quickly foiled as the guests started arriving and munching the fruit whole. It was a great thing to watch, really.

Next up, the grill is hot, and I don’t eat hamburger -but we added egg to chopped beef to make patties. I heard they were great.

Corn, throw it on! Eggplant slices, cut thick and sprinkel with olive oil salt and pepper. Same for the peppers and beets. Fresh spinach makes a great fixin’.

The corn went so quick I almost didn’t get a pic of it… here and then gone…

What else? The cilantro is great for gaucamole, and the lemon grass could be added to black beans… or a fool proof backup plan is always tea, which is great because it can be made from the dried stalks at any time by just boiling with water…

Potato salad! Duh! We added some supplemental color (from the farmers market) and cooked ours in a pan, but most people boil the potatoes.

The squash blossoms also got pan fried – I know someone had posted previuosly about battering them with a flour based mixture, but all you really need is olive oil, salt and pepper. They transform into crispy delicacies.

The pumpkin is by far the most challenging. To be honest, it didn’t happen for the night of the bbq, and was solely ornamental – which was fine!

My friend Billy ended up taking it home…

I contemplated pumpkin lemon grass soup, could have been amazing… We talked about pumpkin pancakes, could have been divine… What ended up happening was simple and baked. The pumpkin was gutted and cubed, and laid flat on a baking sheet with the afformentioned olive oil, salt and pepper. The seeds turned out to be an incredible treat on the road.

So here I am, sitting in Chicago, fueled by pumpkin seeds and ready for wide open spaces. Everyone out there in Brooklyn, have one last bbq for me!

3 Responses to “GRILL CITY”

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  2. jessica Says:

    totally inspired to become part of a farm share, to grill out one last time, and to take a road trip. great seeing you and good luck on the rest of your journey!

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