HUMBOLDT STREET, Brooklyn: My amazing farm share has kept me deep in eggs, which is awesome, but with moving coming up and my fridge logging in somewhere around two dozen of this fragile cargo – I needed a quick out. Enter Pickled Eggs, as suggested by my main squeeze. Supposedly they are very popular in Idaho especially in drinking establishments (I will find this out for myself in two weeks and counting…)

The concept is the same as anything pickled: water, vinegar, sugar, spices. I hard boiled the eggs and heated the 50/50 water/vinegar to boiling. I had a giant beet from the CSA that also needed using up, so I cubed it and threw it in to the 50/50 mix for the last couple minutes. All this mess was poured over the eggs (peeled! duh!) with peppercorns and a few hot pepperchinis in jars and lidded. The whole concoction should sit for a week or two to let the vinegar penetrate the yokes. To be honest the texture of the first one kinda grossed me out, but a few beers later I was loving them. I guess that is why they are popular in bars.


One Response to “Eggcellent!”

  1. april Says:

    “moving them” ahahaa I can just see you now with a pbr tall boy and a red pickled egg! Good luck in Idaho, again, so happy for you!

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