What CSA Can Do For You:

SOUTH FOURTH STREET, Brooklyn: I am loving the Southside Community Supported Agriculture, my pick ups so far have been nothing less than gorgeous.

and the subsequent salad…

and eggs! did I mention there are eggs!?

And now that we are in to July… fresh fruits! plumbs, peaches, and apricots. There is also an unbelievable berry share that was just a little bit out of my budget, but man oh man, buckets of blueberries. Litterally buckets. For more info check out their blog –   http://southsidecsa.wordpress.com/ – there are some really great recipes posted for seasonal veggies. 


2 Responses to “What CSA Can Do For You:”

  1. jessica Says:

    wow. those veggies do look so fresh and lovely. makes me want a nice salad….and my own veggie garden.

  2. april Says:

    CSA’s are the way to go! Enjoy the fruit of the earth!

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