Sunflower Celebration

HUMBOLDT STREET, Brooklyn: My first sunflower bloom of 2010! Last year the first petals opened right around July 20th, so I am a good week and a half ahead of that which makes sense since last years weather was so damn wacky with all that rain straight through June and July. Yes, that is a squash plant climbing up the stem. Amazing. It’s also worth noting this plant is from a new set of seed, Russian Giant purchased from Sprout Home. You can tell it looks a little different from the others I’ve planted. See how the petals are less orderly?

I am, however, also continuing my pursuit of genealogy, or history, or whatever you want to call it, by planting the 3rd generation of seeds from the first batch of sunflowers I grew here.

As for the celebration part of the equation, I concocted a delish cocktail utilizing both my basil and mint plants. It’s Friday after all, and I have come to the conclusion that basil should be used in drinks more.
So good it deserves two photos…

Not for the sweet toothed drinkers, as I have been trying to steer clear of the sugar lately:

full glass of ice. fresh mint and basil, chopped. tequilla. splash of oj. shake. fill the rest with seltzer (tonic or sprite if you need it sweeter.) Summer feels so good.


One Response to “Sunflower Celebration”

  1. lea bl¨Um Says:

    make one for me please- like all summer long. k?

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