Idaho is the Place to Go.

SANDPOINT, Idaho: Here are some photos of an amazing property about 5 miles outside of downtown Sandpoint, I visited while on my trip to Idaho. I found this place through, and the owner, Karsten, was an incredibly gracious tour guide. He lives in a one room A frame he built with the help of some friends after the barn he was living in burnt down 2 years ago. It was simple and perfect.

Also on his plot of land, a fire pit complete with tiki style bar for social gatherings, (which will be soon hooked up to a rainwater collection system) a workshop still under construction with a room for playing and recording music, and above, an open room with the potential to be finished as an apartment or secondary lodging for wwoofers and friends.

And a boat!

It needs a lot of work to be water worthy, but it looks like it has the potential to be a really fun project.

They have to have their tomatoes and other hot weather veggies in the cold frame to the right because the growing season is so short way up there.

The entire garden is rigged with a watering system. There were two other people staying on the property at the time of my visit, one in a teepee and the other was constructing some kind of packed earth shelter that looked more like a grave to me than a house.

The teepee was big, but the interior was empty except for a bed of pine boughs with a sheet and two buffalo pelts hanging to cure over a fire pit, talk about roughing it!

There is an old beaver damn that was abandoned by the beavers for a spot further upstream a couple years ago. Looks like it would be good ice skating in the winter… and there is a waterfall too.


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