The Roof Spoof


This is totally awesome, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love and adore Roberta’s and any progress towards more, bigger, better urban gardening is ok in my book! However, I do feel funny about these roof ventures and their use of volunteers. I felt this way about the original roof farm (mentioned in the article) in Greenpoint too, and decided to not post about the project on here at all, even though it was an amazing set up. Every time I went up there I always got awkward feelings from the founders, like what was I doing up there if i wasn’t there to weed? Or give them some glowing  pr. Were they going to come to my backyard and help me with my garden? Are they going to get me featured on Martha Stewart’s “Brooklyn” themed show? No.

Maybe I am looking at this from totally wrong way. I am trying so hard to stay positive because I so want to see more of these types of gardens happen in the city.  But, this is a for profit venture. Why are they enlisting volunteers? Why does Roberta’s have “donation” piggy banks on the tables in their restaurant? It’s a good thing they are doing, I don’t doubt that, I just have a slight issue with their approach. It seems a little deceiving to me to be collecting donations and enlisting volunteers for something that will eventually be making them money, provided it is managed well. But good for them, this is a huge undertaking, more than anything I could ever dream of taking credit for at this point in my life, and I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. I wish them luck!


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