Around These Parts, Two Weeks Ago…

HUMBOLDT STREET, Brooklyn: I have noticed there is a bit of delay between what is happening in the garden and what gets posted on here this season. Last year I was pretty on it, posting pics I had taken that very day. Here are some I took two or three weeks ago, it already looks much different out there! Everything is getting bigger and filling in. Despite having to replant pretty much the entire raised bed due to an unfortunate rat situation.  I will be posting specifically outlining that issue soonish… as soon as I can figure out how to stop them… and feel like i have some valuable info to share rather than just complaining about it…

The following three images document the plants that made it through the winter and came back to me, including mint and strawberries.

Hey what is going on in your gardens? Send me pics to post! Does anyone out there have any suggestions for dealing with really resilient city rats invading garden beds? They are out of control up in my dirt, yo. I can’t seem to shake ’em.


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