Spring Reading?

HUMBOLDT ST, Brooklyn: Due to some unfortunate computer issues I am in a photographic upload standstill until I spring for an external hard drive. In the mean time, I just finished this book! And it was very inspiring!

It was on the recommendation of a highly esteemed friend, who (upon my enthusiastic reaction during/after reading Possum Living) was so generous to have gifted me my current read as well… I just started The Urban Homestead.

Both books are available on Amazon, or if you are in my neighborhood you can support a local business and  get The Urban Homestead at Sprout Home. I don’t have much of an opinion about the second book yet, since I just started it, but I am very excited about finding out what the authors have to say! Got any good books to recommend? Email! igrewthis@gmail.com! Happy reading!


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