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Wedding Flowers

April 26, 2010

TUCSON, Arizona: The narrative of my mini vacation to the southwest continues with a photo recap of the gorgeous arrangements, created by Sprout. Yes, they travel.

The cedar walk in closet made an excellent holding pen for the table arrangements.

Images of the luxurious grounds at the Arizona Inn to follow shortly. The gardens were truly amazing and inspiring, so stay tuned.


Photos from a Friend

April 26, 2010

SANDPOINT, Idaho: Here’s what’s happening in the northwest, images from Theron Humphrey.

Asparagus! Haven’t mastered this one yet, but hope to someday if I ever feel like I have a couple years to invest a place. Asparagus beds usually take about three years to establish themselves and will produce 10 -15 years. Someday.

What’s that kid holding? Looks to me maybe like Brussels sprouts? Name that plant! And then, there was this field fire. Controlled field burning is an ancient technique used to prep areas for planting. It kills weeds and weed seeds. I don’t know too much about it to have an opinion if it is a good idea or not, but it sure makes a pretty picture here. What do you know about it? Email me if you have thoughts or insight on slash and burn,

Spring Reading?

April 23, 2010

HUMBOLDT ST, Brooklyn: Due to some unfortunate computer issues I am in a photographic upload standstill until I spring for an external hard drive. In the mean time, I just finished this book! And it was very inspiring!

It was on the recommendation of a highly esteemed friend, who (upon my enthusiastic reaction during/after reading Possum Living) was so generous to have gifted me my current read as well… I just started The Urban Homestead.

Both books are available on Amazon, or if you are in my neighborhood you can support a local business and  get The Urban Homestead at Sprout Home. I don’t have much of an opinion about the second book yet, since I just started it, but I am very excited about finding out what the authors have to say! Got any good books to recommend? Email!! Happy reading!


April 18, 2010

TUCSON, Arizona: On vacation! Here’s what was growing outside our window at the amazing Congress Hotel:

Welcome to the Jungle

April 17, 2010

STATE STREET, Brooklyn: Right around the corner from the Macy’s headquarters in downtown Brooklyn I found a jungle. The city is amazing that way, with its pockets of green. These secret spaces were one of my main reasons for starting this blog. To explore how others were expressing themselves plant wise in such close concrete quarters.

My brother and I were lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive parlor show in an amazing building that was shared between 7 – 10 musicians at any given time. To my delight the place also featured an ancient backyard with a mess of bamboo and some huge trees. The darkness looking down from the balcony was deep, but when you looked straight out over the rustling leaves there was a massive parking lot and garage with glaring spot lights. The juxtaposition was so perfect and simultaneously so… disconcerting? I don’t even know how to describe it. It was an amazing night. The music was pretty good too.

Making a new bed.

April 14, 2010

HUMBOLDT STREET, Brooklyn: So, I built this. It has been planted with flowers, including last years lily bulbs that bloomed so very nicely. We shall see what happens.

I still have so much cleaning up to do out there! I was also contemplating jumping the fence and cleaning up the neighboring building’s back area. No one lives in either of the ground floor apartments over there anymore, the whole place is slowly being abandoned. I bought a packet of wild flower seed to sprinkle over there this year. Hopefully it will turn in to a beautiful urban meadow. A rat free meadow. Fingers crossed.

Good Girl.

April 12, 2010

FALLS VILLAGE, CT: Flash back one week ago to Easter Sunday. I have been distracted beyond imagining this past week between a break up, a wedding and  roommate hunt. But have been collecting material regardless. I did some good over the holy weekend and helped my ma plant her church planters for the resurrection. Here is a before and after:

Ha! You can hardly tell the difference! It isn’t much, but it was fun to dig around in the dirt on such a nice day and add a little color. I think the pansies will fill in eventually too…

Now isn’t that cute…

Joy in a bag.

April 3, 2010

GRAND STREET, Brooklyn: Sprout Home, how I love thee. Happiness can be bought, at least temporarily. I still have a lot of cleaning up to do out back, but new flowers looking cheerful in their brown bag are a good distraction.

Daisies, ranunculus, violas. Sweetness.