Dirty nails again. finally.

HUMBOLDT STREET, Brooklyn: Have been working on tidying up the yard this past weekend. It got really trashed over the winter with fallen branches, the blown away cold frame, and a mischievous and unsupervised young neighbor who had taken to throwing beer bottles, eggs, plates, light bulbs and whatever else he could get his hands on. Yikes.

The soil in the biggest bed was turned and supplemented with the entire garbage can of compost that has been stewing for the past two years. It is gorgeous!

I had big plans to get some seeds in the ground today, but I only had enough day light to plant 4 rows of carrots after everything was cleaned up and prepped. The seeds came from Sprout, from the supplier Seeds of Change. I haven’t grown carrots yet, so we’ll see what happens. It’s important for good carrot shapes that the soil is not too hard or lumpy. You want to easily be able to stick an entire finger in the ground, thinking about how a carrot grows, any resistance will push it to grow in another direction or not at all. Seeds can also be planted every three weeks through the fall for a steady crop. Carrots! Glorious carrots! I can’t wait, and this is just the beginning.


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