What I Made For Dinner, Cont.

HUMBOLDT STREET, Brooklyn: This is a pretty good “local” meal for the this time of the year. Mushrooms and squash are being sold in all area farmers’ markets, the spinach is locally grown in greenhouses and even cold frames right now, also at farmers’ markets.

Brad and I got turned on to oyster mushrooms at Roberta’s. I am pretty sure their recipe is very simple, the following is my best attempt at recreating the delicacy, makes one large serving, could be an appetizer for two:

Oyster Mushrooms, remember they cook down a lot, see photos.

Earth Balance Light (or other vegan butter)

Salt & Pepper

Heat a large fry pan to medium heat with butter. Add shrooms, pepper generously, salt to taste. After about 6 minutes, turn heat up to high and use a spatula to spread out the mushrooms and shuffle them about a bit to get the edges crispy. That’s about it.

Here is the awesome part. Anyone, even city dwellers, can grow mushrooms. In your house. It seems really intense. I haven’t done it, to be honest, it kinda weirded me out when I first discovered the process. I figured everyone should be trying NOT to have fungus growing in their apartments. But now that I am getting deeper and deeper into growing food, I have been considering it as a viable experiment. Maybe someday soon I will invest.

In the test tubes right now, however, pomegranate and mango plants from seed. Stay tuned for either ground breaking success or heartbreaking failure! At this point, only the soil knows…


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