In the Belly of the Beast

221 WEST 26TH, Manhattan: A change of pace for the winter weather, I took the morning off work a couple Thursdays ago to attend a taping of the Martha Stewart show, with Brad. The least likely person to ever have sat in on Martha, it was about this point standing in line outside headquarters, surrounded by middle aged housewives, we were wondering what we were even doing there. Well, we were there to see Martha.

Woah! The theme of the show was blogging, the crowd was dominated by tech savvy mommies typing all about parenting. I was surprised the only other garden related blogger in attendance was the author of these two: (a pretty awesome source for garden related reading I was happy to find, perfect for this hibernating time of year…) & The complete list of the attendee’s blogs is not even worth posting here, there is a post on Martha’s site somewhere if anyone is dying to know.

I’m sorry I’m not even going to link the show, here is a still from the intro, our 1 second of fame, enhanced with arrows for recognition purposes:

Woo hoo! Hilarious. It took me a really long time to figure out exactly what to say about this experience, and I have finally decided, to keep things posi, some things are better left unsaid. The following is a photographic summary of our visit, sort of cataloguing all the plants on set. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, if I may be so cliche.

It was hard to tell if the plants were real. I was hoping deep down in my heart they were, but couldn’t figure out how that would be possible in a windowless studio. The “greenhouse/garden shed” setup was pretty divine.

Even if it was all fake, it was nice to take in all the foliage on a cold winters day. And daydream about an alternate universe where I have a lush misty greenhouse off my penthouse over looking Manhattan. What if…

I enjoyed trying to identify the potted wonders decorating the set, and thinking about expanding my house plant collection. These can’t all be real, can they?

Orchids, this may have inspired me to buy one sometime soon to distract myself from the gray of winter.

Lemon tree, with fruits!

Pineapple, I have been reading up on how to grow one of these from the crown of a store bought fruit, will post soon.

Martha has a terrarium! You can buy one of these for yourself from Sprout Home on Grand Street in Brooklyn! Or make your own like I did, at their next “how to” class!

Sprout Home has these crazy looking plants for sale too! I don’t know what it is. I will find out and update soon. It kinda reminds me of a vegetarian version of those mounted buck heads often hung in log cabins.

Oranges!? No way.

Here she is, the queen mother of marketing genius. The best part of the show was when she decided to show off her amazing golden high heels by throwing her leg up on the counter. Who knew Martha was so flexible?

Oh, Martha. Full of surprises.


2 Responses to “In the Belly of the Beast”

  1. lea blüm Says:

    yah gosh I did a bit of research and YES! All of the plants are real, they have grow lights on them! Martha and faux plants? N E V E R.
    The cool thing on the wall you guessed is pretty close, it’s a mounted staghorn fern. A suprisingly very easy plant to care for.
    Will you give Martha one more chance and go with me? My Brad is even less interested, I give a whole heaping of respect to Bradley for doing it.

  2. bradley Says:

    it was actually fun… even if Martha’s film crew cut out my bearded visage from the final product…

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