So Far, So Good

LORIMER STREET, Brooklyn: Potatoes, apples & squash from the Greenpoint farmer’s market. I am keeping good on my word to visit the market every Saturday through the winter, and purchase the majority of my produce there.

Find Brooklyn Farmer’s Market listings here:

I am excited to report that Boneshaker’s brunch menu now includes potatoes from the Greenpoint Farmer’s Market, deliciously and simply roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper. Oops, I just gave away the secret recipe.

There are a lot of good posts coming soon… I have so many links to share, and was in the studio audience for Martha Stewart’s “Blogging” show on Thursday – which was a completely surreal experience, that I am still collecting my thoughts on – so coverage of that is happening sometime this week. In the mean time, stay warm and happy growing!


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