I Heart Sprout

Grand Street, Brooklyn: Sprout Home, an oasis and paradise, right here in Williamsburg. A great place to escape the cold this time of year, I am lucky to have a good buddy work here – and have made other buddies through her, because everyone here is so damn nice. These are some pics I took back in August, but it is still just as green and inviting even in the depths of winter. I still have to post a pic of the super sweet terrarium I made here last week, but i decided to keep it at work to brighten up my incredibly boring workspace so it might be a while before I get around to it.

These are banana branches! I could not believe this when I saw it! See the little tiny baby bananas!? Amazing.

During the spring, summer and fall the massive back yard is stuffed to the gills with plants. It is pretty crazy to walk around back there and feel like you are in the middle of a park. I heart Sprout. I really do.

Sprout Home

Sprout Blog

ps. to my midwest connection (if there’s anyone out there!) Sprout is in Chicago too! Check it out?


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