Greenhouse Envy

Still on MUSIC MOUNTAIN ROAD, Falls Village: About a 10 minute walk up from my parent’s house I discovered this new addition to the neighborhood. Small town gossipers (aka my mother) report a young couple moved in here last year to start a farm, and have been doing alright! I’m not sure when exactly they put up this greenhouse but I guess the back story is, they made some money out west and are now full swing into their “back to the farm” persuit on the east coast. Sounds alright to me.

Here are some other sights from my walk up the hill today…

I think I might like to be married here someday…

I have major barn envy as well… these stone structures are right up the street from my parents, but somehow I have never photographed the property until today…

It certainly is funny how easy it is to take the most beautiful parts of a day forgranted.


One Response to “Greenhouse Envy”

  1. Evangeline Says:

    What great shots! This looks like such a dreamy part of the country. I wonder what that “young couple” is up to! Thanks for linking my blog. Happy new year!

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