Bringing the Outside In

HUMBOLDT STREET, Brooklyn: My dad scouted the woods around his house in the foot hills of the Berkshires and found this most perfect cypress tree. My mom drove it down to us in conjunction with a visit.
Here it stands naked as a jay bird. We rigged it in a planter and it got me wishing we had a tree growing in this spot all the time.

We are very lucky to have such nice folks who care about us enough to go through all the trouble it takes to supply a Christmas tree annually! The price of a cut tree from one of the many outdoor vendors in the area will run a good $60+ and this totally blew my mind when I first moved here. So the tradition of the traveling tree was started, and I am seriously considering going into the pine business. Or at least planning for the future a bit by planting a few of the evergreen variety up around my parent’s part of the world… you know, for later.

The entrance of a living (or pessimistically, dying) tree into the home has a way of changing everything for the better. A string of lights can be a cure for the winter doldrums, at least temporarily. The air becomes fresher, filled with outdoor memories from the branches. This tree is something to be celebrated. Somehow I usually manage to get a little glammed up for the decorating part – as captured only by cell phone:

Storage restraints around my apartment means a pretty sparse holiday ornament department, so this year my break through solution was to turn to my pin collection to fill in the gaps and add a little sparkle. As if the tinsel wasn’t enough…

This last one is an early creation from the talented and adorable Trish Andersen, one of the two part team that makes up Domestic Construction. Just to totally promote them, these two gals are currently set up at the Brooklyn Flea Gifted Market in Manhattan selling, among other things, hand crafted garland.

Which is gracing my boughs in the most delightful way.

The tree topper is not to be forgotten. This year the “star” is a birthday present flown from Arizona by the always thoughtful Lea Ann Wells. I think it does quite nicely.

So sentimentality has overtaken me at this point, but the finished product really is a present in itself, with little pieces from everyone I love. Esspecially this guy:

Aw. Tinsel Master.


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