In the Depths of Autumn

HUMBOLDT ST, Brooklyn: It was 53 degrees here  yesterday. Unbelievable. Just when I thought we were full swing into fall, this past week has been too warm to be December. Even so, things are starting to dry up in the garden. The last beans were picked in October and the vines have withered. I saved the seeds from these unpicked stragglers to plant next year.

The sunflowers have been long gone, my experiment of planting the dried seeds from last year led to a really short blooming period, but I am determined to try it again, only harvesting the seeds of the biggest flowers this time.

I am curious if I keep saving generation after generation of seed if eventually I will end up with a purer unmodified sunflower. Do the genetic modifications of seeds linger in the offspring or does the seed eventually revert back to it’s natural state? I don’t know enough about it…

In other news, the tomatoes turned red! FINALLY.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with them all. We have been using them on sandwiches as much as possible but have hardly made a dent in the pile, so I think I will have to do some kind of longer term storage tonight so they will keep. Same thing with all my basil. Tonight I make pesto:

Is this normal? A December 5th harvest date for basil & tomatoes!? I don’t think so…

Just as retrospect, here is what was happening this time last year:

The only thing left at this time last year was these little tiny brussels sprouts, photo care of Halston Bruce. I blanched them and then pan seared with olive oil, salt and pepper, garlic and pine nuts. They were so good! The b.s. crop this year was a complete flop due to my neglect of pest management (see previous post does anyone know what this is.) All the little nubbins were devoured, but the stalks are still standing just for aesthetics. Regardless of yield, they are pretty cool looking plant – especially when there isn’t much else going on out there this time of year.


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