Gone with the Wind

HUMBOLDT ST, Brooklyn: My worst fear about the cold frame has already happened. No, it is not finished. And as you can guess by the title of this post, we have had a pretty substantial set back.

Basically all the plastic blew off. Luckily (surprisingly) the frame was mounted pretty well to the exterior wall, so really it was just layers of plastic sheeting bursting from the staples and nothing was actually air born. It doesn’t seem like too big a deal, but it took us a while to get that far so we were both pretty bummed this weekend.

It’s fricken windy in Brooklyn! Our street is like a wind tunnel with a giant tall hospital on one side and a giant even taller apartment building on the other side. Our backyard falls somewhere in between these two as an awkward inlet for bursts of air from the wind tunnel to tornado around in. In short, I had a sneaking suspicion this was gunna happen.

But I still have hope this project will work! Even though I was trying to save all images for the one unveiling “how to” post, here is a sneak peak at some progress pics taken prior to the storm.

We attached the top layer of plastic to the roof (the whole thing is intended to have double layer, one on each side of the studs) prior to mounting because I couldn’t figure any way to access it once it was up there. That is what is illustrated above and was all fine and good sitting like that for a whole week. Here is where we went wrong… the next weekend we started putting up plastic on the walls and got as far as both layers on either side wall before running out of plastic. At this point it was Saturday night and the hardware store was already closed. So we just left it, the two walls finished and one layer on the roof, with the front open to the elements. Essentially we had created another inlet for the wind to tornado around in, and that is exactly what it did. Ripping the plastic to shreds.

However, I think if we had been a little smarter at purchasing time and had enough plastic to do the whole thing at once and completely weather sealed it (as originally planned,) the wind would not have been able to swoop around at every possible angle and rob us of our dreams! Or maybe I am being totally naive and stupid and this whole idea is complete waste of time and money. BUT – for the love of watching things grow, I’m willing to find out.


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