Table for two.

HUMBOLDT ST, Brooklyn: Thanksgiving was yesterday. If you have ever wondered what a vegetarian (vegan in my bf’s case) eats on a day basically devoted to eating turkey… here you go:

prepping baby butternut squash for baking…

the spread…

asparagus pan seared with onions and bacos (YES bacos are vegan – soy and engineered bacon flavored chemicals! yum!)

oven roasted acorn squash with a red wine garlic vinaigrette glaze…

baby butternut squash and baked stuffing (stale balthazar bread, onion, green pepper, home grown tomato, garlic, vegetable stock…)

fingerling potatoes, prepared with olive oil, salt and pepper – boneshaker’s infamous fries recipe. served with veganaise of course…

and tofurky! fried deli slices with vegetarian gravy! perfection!

For any of these recipes, please email me –

Also check out what the new york times has to say about a vegetarian thanksgiving:
Going Veg for Thanksgiving

Don’t forget about dessert! Stay posted for an in depth post on baking this apple pie:


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