The Locals

HUMBOLDT STREET, Brooklyn: Here are two of the plants that sprung up from my dirt this summer unplanted by me. I have been fascinated by what grows in the cracks around these parts and would eventually like to document the varieties more thoroughly some day. Let me know if anyone out there what either of these are:

This last one blew my mind this year! It was bursting from the fence and the yard next door and reminded me so much of baby’s breath. The neighbors cleaned out their yard in spring and then promptly moved out leaving this “weed” to absolutely take over their plot of earth. I was happy to have it, and did not discourage it from growing. The little snow drift like clouds of bloom practically glowed. Have you ever noticed how fast abandoned lots turn themselves into meadows?

Stay tuned for more on “local” flora and fuana, including my theory on the exquisite plant (aptly nicknamed) love lies bleeding, and why it is growing around every other tree trunk in Brooklyn – haven’t you noticed??


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