Sidewalk Delights

138 METROPOLITAN AVE, Brooklyn: It takes a lot of time and energy to keep up a garden. Especially somewhere so public as a side walk (in Brooklyn none the less) where the typical battles with pests also include pedestrians with empty coffee cups, cigarette butts, candy wrappers, soda cans, etc. Not to mention the faith the gardener must have in the general public not to rob their tomato vines bare. Such a thing exists in Williamsburg, and I pass it everyday on my way to work, on my way to get coffee from work, on my way to lunch and back… it is right down the street from my office and it adds a little bit of joy to my day. I am thankful to the gal that puts so much positive energy into keeping it going. Just recently she added big beautiful heads of fall cabbage. These photos were taken back in the summer:

IMG_1290From afar, a gaggle of planters. They have found the same cheap alternative to traditional planters that I have – garbage cans and waste baskets make great containers for planting. They are simple in design, come in good colors, and winter better than terracotta. The price range is $1 – $10 compared to a container of the same size designated as “planter” which can run you ridiculously into the hundreds depending on the model. The smaller black containers they are using here were literally 99 cents on sale at ikea this spring. All you need to do is make sure to drill holes in the bottom for proper drainage.

IMG_1291I’m not a big fan of the tires – but they work really well too! Here they have painted them green to disguise them a bit. I think for this application, it works great!

IMG_1292The temptation to sample the gorgeous fruits was strong, but I resisted for the public good.

IMG_1293 Another Oh-So-Clever solution to adding a little green in your life… they have herbs growing from painted coffee cans wired to the windows. ANYONE can do this. A homeless man could hook one of these suckers to a shopping cart. There is no excuse why everyone in this big city shouldn’t have a can with something edible growing in it. At least for the summer.


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