A Tomato Grows in Williamsburg

BEDFORD & N. FOURTH, Brooklyn: Take a closer look at what is going on here…

IMG_1507IMG_1508My coworker thinks someone must have lost a slab of tomato off their sandwich back in the spring. I suspect the seed blew in on the breeze. Any way you slice it, a seed was sewn between the sidewalk and a construction site on the corner of Bedford and N. Four – go see for your self – if it hasnt been trampled to death by the hordes of 20 somethings, the fruit may be getting ripe enough to pick!IMG_1509IMG_1510

and just so you can really see what I’m talking about… with flash! (it was getting dark when I took these…) YES IT IS A real live TOMATO PLANT fighting to survive! 

IMG_1511The discarded cig butt really completes the composition.


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