Sweet Roberta’s

IMG_1003MOORE ST, Brooklyn: Unassuming store front, Roberta’s is a pizza oasis. This is one of my most favorite spots to eat in the entire state of New York. We only have ever gone for dinner but I found out recently they also have brunch.

They always seem to have some kind of atypical meat special that makes me ask, “what is that??” Seems to me the are mostly forgotten classics, dishes that are no longer main stream but were once important and anticipated delicacies before the throw-away mentality took over American culture. Not to say they are serving brains – just doing great things with unique cuts, but also have the more accepted/expected pork chop, roasted chicken, etc on their full time menu. Before I stopped eating meat I tried one of the steak dishes and it was absolutely perfect. Believe it or not, I sometimes still crave it! I think meals that are memorable to the point of nostalgia means good food! They are very conscious of quality and bring it to the public thoughtfully and reasonably.

After all this meat talk, it’s worth mentioning the vegetarian and vegan options are certainly something to write home about. The vegan in my household usually gets the Rosso pizza with potatoes, olives, garlic, peppers, onions, and artichoke. I am torn between eggplant parm and any of the pizzas with out meat. The mushrooms are delicate oyster mushrooms served with crispy edges and awesome to share as an appetizer – another one I crave to go back for again and again.

I’m skipping a critique of the decor to go straight the heart of what is happening at Roberta’s, and the point of this post. They are GROWING the food. Surrounding the outdoor dining area are two or three shipping crates. One houses Heritage Radio, which is deserving of a post of it’s own. The other I think is storage, but the magic happens on the roofs. Check it out:

IMG_0991 IMG_1001A bridge connects the crates and roof of the building…

IMG_0993and zooming in to exactly what is happening up there… IMG_0992pizza ingredients!! AMAZING. Talk about eating local. There are also planters and raised beds surrounding the tables with more tomatoes and also basil and other herbs. yum.



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  1. lea blum Says:

    Take Me?

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    […] and I got turned on to oyster mushrooms at Roberta’s. I am pretty sure their recipe is very simple, the following is my best attempt at recreating the […]

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