Goshen, sweet goshen.

GOSHEN, Connecticut: So much going on this labor day weekend. Actually just two things, both incredibly blog worthy. 1.) The Goshen Country Fair now in it’s 97 year ( i think…) and 2.) Miranda Vinyard

The Goshen Fair is a family tradition for the Allyn clan at 60 Music Mountain, and we try very hard every year to enter our top notch veggies, crafts and flowers into the competions offered. This years winners include my dad’s green beans…

Garden an shiii 230and marigolds…Garden an shiii 182

BUT the best prize of all was the second place ribbon my parents took on their amazing “farm booth” entry. Dubbed Chapman Farm from my dad’s mom’s side of the family – they combined their talents to produce one nice looking spread of goods including home made maple syrup and an impressive array of other canned goods. See for yourself!!

Garden an shiii 183They were bummed the dill and basil went limp, but it’s been sitting there for three days so what else would you expect!

Garden an shiii 186Garden an shiii 184Garden an shiii 185More coming soon…


One Response to “Goshen, sweet goshen.”

  1. lea blum Says:

    Heather this is incredible!~ Why didn’t you tell me at lunch today???

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