A Sad Day for Edamame

HUMBOLDT ST, Brooklyn: Since the constant raining subsided about a month ago, and summer arrived, I have to admit there was maybe a week that passed that I neglected to water my garden. I would like to believe it was by accident – forgetfulness and too much other stuff going on, not laziness. Well, the soy beans must have been used to the constant down pour because a hot week of no water brought these little buggers to a crisp.

IMG_0961Although not a complete waste, I will use these seeds next year for round two, I was diligent about watering after this fateful discovery. However, the pods seemed to never get bigger than one or two beans until they began to brown, even after healthy doses of water on a consistent basis. One plant shriveled and died altogether. Is it the heat? The sun? The soil? Obviously some research is order.

I found this on the Wannamaker Seed website: “If planting edamame soybeans in land not previously planted to soybeans, inoculate your soybeans to ensure that they can produce their own nitrogen. We sell small packets of soybean inoculant for you to coat the seed prior to planting.” I have no idea what this means! So from Wikipedia, on inoculation: “…any placement of microorganisms or viruses at a site where infection is possible such as to increase soybeans’ nitrogen fixation one can treat soybeans at planting with Rhizobium japonicum inoculant.” What the heck is Rhizobium japonicum!? Who knew this would be complicated!?

Until next time – stay green party people, it’s easier than you think!


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